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GM Tire Performance Criteria (TPC)

Tires installed as original equipment (OE) on new GM vehicles for North America meet stringent performance requirements according to the Tire Performance Criteria (TPC) system. Nearly all OE tires have the TPC Specification Number (TPC Spec. No.) molded onto their sidewall. This TPC number will identify tires that meet GM's strict engineering requirements for area such as ride, handling, endurance, traction, noise, wear, uniformity and dimensions.

Each TPC numbered tire is developed for the specific vehicle on which it is installed. This ensures that the tire is integrated with the vehicle chassis to provide optimum balance of performance for each GM vehicle.

When new tires are needed, GM strongly recommends replacing OE tires with replacement tires that have the same TPC spec number. The TPC system will help to assure that the "right" tire is selected for a particular vehicle model. Replacing OE tires with replacement tires having the same TPC spec No. will assure the customer of getting tires compatible with his/her GM vehicle, while maintaining the same level of performance as when the vehicle was new. GM has not evaluated or test non-TPC Spec tires or their performance on GM vehicles.

If TPC Spec replacement tires are not available, make sure the replacement tires selected are the same size, load range, speed rating and construction type as the OE TPC Spec tires.

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